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Our Vision

   The vision of S.A.S. College aspires to have a transformational impact on students through Comprehensive education by inculcating qualities of competence, confidence, human values, professionalism, scientific instillation and excellence to all sections of students. .

Our Mission

1.To provide ample scope for multifaceted development of local youths irrespective of religion, race, caste and gender.
2.To provide quality higher education to its students.
3.To instill scientific zeal and develop skilled human resource to contemporary challenges.
4.To nurture social awareness and responsibilities among its students.
5.To pursue student-centric learning for self-development and skill Development among students.

News &Events
  • I&II years Supple & III Yr Regular Exams from 01/03/2017
  • II years IV Sem Exams from 15/03/2017
  • I years II Sem Exams from 12/04/2017
  • Happy to announces that our college is Applied for "NAAC"